A hammertoe is a painful joint deformity that can affect your mobility. At Bay Area Podiatry Group in San Leandro, California, experienced podiatrists Jenny Yu, DPM, and Renee Woo, DPM, specialize in diagnosing and treating hammertoe. After a thorough exam, your provider will offer personalized treatment recommendations. Call the office today to request a hammertoe consultation or book your appointment online.

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What is a hammertoe?

A hammertoe is a deformity that results in your toes “curling”. When it gets severe enough, it can lead to your toe rubbing against your shoes causing corns, calluses, blisters; in more severe cases, wounds that do not heal.

If you have hammertoe, it’s necessary to take it seriously. Without treatment, your joint can become locked or frozen.

What are the symptoms of hammertoe?

Hammertoe signs/symptoms include:

  • Inability to straighten the toe
  • A callus or corn on top of your toe
  • Difficulty with shoe gear due to rubbing.

As the condition gets worse, you can experience blistering or wounds from excessive rubbing.

Should I visit a podiatrist if I have hammertoe?

Absolutely.  A podiatrist is a specialist that is very familiar with treating this ailment.  Make an appointment at Bay Area Podiatry Group if you have any symptoms of hammertoe.

How is hammertoe diagnosed?

Dr. Yu or Dr. Woo with perform a thorough biomechanical exam.  Xrays will be taken to evaluate the quality of the joints.

How is hammertoe treated?

There is a large range of treatments, which will be discussed in detail with you at your appointment with Dr. Yu or Dr. Woo.  Most commonly, they include:

  • Evaluating your shoes;
  • Padding, taping;
  • Injections if needed;
  • Custom orthotics if this is determined to be beneficial.

If your pain is severe or doesn’t improve with these therapies, Dr. Yu will likely recommend a surgical option.  She now offers minimally invasive solutions.

Call Bay Area Podiatry Group today to see if you can benefit from hammertoe treatment. You can also make your appointment online.